The Good Wife

Alicia hearts Will?

The dark nights are descending and nothing is more relaxing than cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and a cuppa, even better with a fire going. It’s also the time that I catch up with some of my favourite TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and my new love, The Good Wife.

I’m not a TV addict, I have a few shows that I hate to miss and since the demise of ER, Sex and the City, Friends etc, there’s only been very few that I’ve got into. One that I discovered over the summer when my hubby left me alone for a week :( was The Good Wife.

Lead actress Julianna Margulies is brilliant as Alicia Florrick in this US series. She is very understated, subtle but so present. Her supporting cast is also superb, noone trying to overshadow anyone else and a nice balance between drama and comedy.

It’s going into its third season, hopefully showing on More4 or RTE. If you’re looking for a new TV show that will absorb you in it’s relationships, the storyline, with episodic asides of court drama, then I recommend it. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by the ‘Alicia hearts Will’ tagline because I think most viewers are ‘willing’ those two to get together (sorry for the bad pun!)…I’ll keep watching with hope!

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2 thoughts on “The Good Wife

  1. nicole says:

    i devoured season one, missed season two because i canceled my cable in hopes of writing more, and now that i’m resubscribed to cable, i just can’t make the time for season three! writing always trumps watching television! but after having read your little teaser, i am absolutely going to “ketchup” (my bad pun) on the last three or so episodes. my mother and sister are devout alicia fans, and i really should be, too . . . if nothing more because i think that will is SO SO SO sexy and i’m a legal beagle. (and my dog’s a real beagle, and pug! haha). xx

  2. sarahbryden says:

    Haha Nicole, I agree. Will is yummy!!! Oh you really should catch up, some scandals revealed at the end of season 2..I won’t give anything away though. ;) P.S. Your dog sounds so cute! I have a ‘shiranian’ (cross between a pom and a shih tzu) xx

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